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Prof. Jae-Bok Kyung

President of
the Korea Earth Science
Education Society

Prof. Yong-Joo Jwa

Chairperson of
13th International Earth Science Olympiad
Organizing Committee

Prof. Kiyoung Lee

Chairperson of
13th International Earth Science Olympiad
Scientific Committee

Where is the birthplace of the IESO?
The first IESO was held in Daegu on 2007. It is a great honor to host the IESO again.

Daegu is the fourth largest city in Korea and located in southeastern Korea about 300km from our capital Seoul. The city is a vital traffic hub in the region, connected with seven major national highways and three railroads, including the high-speed trains: KTX and SRT. Additionally, air routes connect Daegu(TAE) with Incheon/Seoul International Airport(ICN), Jeju and other cities in Asia.

Daegu has a subtropical climate in August and September with average temperature varying from 21 to 27 ℃. As a basin surrounded by beautiful Palgongsan and Biseulsan mountains, the city has a lot of geological and historical attractions. Also, four UNESCO designated World Heritage sites are located near Daegu, the roots of Korean culture.

The Organizing Committee of the 13th International Earth Science Olympiad would like to extend a warm welcome to all delegates to the 13th IESO in 2019. The slogan, “Passion for Earth Science… Continued.”, embodies the IESO’s visions to encourage young students to create and share their passion and experiences about Earth Science in Korea. The continued passion for Earth Science can contribute to solving the global challenges we are facing such as climate change, water availability, energy resources, and so on.

We would expect that you will experience the spiritual excitement of the IESO while enjoying the warm hospitality of Koreans and sharing a passion for Earth Science.

We look forward to your attendance and to the pleasure of welcoming you to the IESO 2019 in Daegu, Korea.